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Product Search

The Product Search allows searching for all our brands (Sigma-Aldrich, Millipore, Milli-Q, SAFC, Supelco, and BioReliance). You may search the Full Text of the catalog, or limit your search scope to certain fields: Product Number, Product Name, CAS Number, MDL number, or Molecular Formula.

 Product Name or No.

This allows entry of either a product number(s) or a product name(s) in the same field.

Please avoid using wildcards "*" on search terms shorter than 3 characters.
Case Sensitivity: Search is "case-insensitive," case does not matter.
Keywords: multiple terms are treated as "AND" searches. IE:
Phrasing: Phrasing is allowed, IE: " "glass water" " will find "Glass Water Baths" but not "Phosphate glass Practical Grade; Water Insoluble"
Boolean: "AND" and "OR" searches are permitted, but "NOT" is not permitted.
Greek Characters: Common Greek characters are accessible by using the alphabetical equivalent. IE: Alpha = "a", Beta = "b" , Mu = "m" etc. Greek characters are not searchable, nor are the terms "alpha", "beta" etc… Example: to find "β-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide", search "b-Nicotinamide", not "β-Nicotinamide".

 Product Name

By searching Product Names, your hit list will not include products that contain that product name (e.g., as solvent, buffer component, substrate, etc.) in their listings.

Example: By searching for sodium AND chloride under "Full Text Search" you would find hundreds of products that were prepared or stored with sodium chloride. By searching under "Product Name" you will limit your search to those products where Sodium and Chloride are in the Product Name or synonym fields.

NOTE: When doing name searches it is best to leave out the numbers, Greek characters, and letters that serve as locants, as well as all the punctuation.

 Product Number

 Most straightforward of the searching options.

The Product Number Search is an "exact match" search, not "starts with" or "contains."
Product SKU's (package sizes) can be searched by entering the base product number and a dash then the package size. The Product Detail page will be returned.

Example: Enter t1503-100g, not t1503100g and not t1503 100g.

 CAS (Chemical Abstract Service)

These registry numbers are assigned by CAS to unambiguously refer to specific substances. The numbers vary in how specifically they define the substance. We make every effort to provide the most correct CAS number which applies. CAS does not assign registry numbers to mixtures or solutions. In such cases, we provide the CAS number of the solute or component referred to in the main name.

NOTE: you may use the normal hyphenation or leave the hyphens out when entering CAS numbers for searching.

The CAS Search is an "exact match" search, not "starts with" or "contains". Wildcards are not allowed.

 Product Identifier

Allows you to choose from the following registry numbers assigned by independent organizations to unambiguously refer to specific substances: MDL, Enzyme Commission, Colour Index, Beilstein, and FEMA Number. The numbers vary in how specifically they define the substance. Wildcards are not allowed.

NOTE: you may use the normal hyphenation or leave the hyphens out when entering these numbers for searching.

These searches are "exact match" searches, not "starts with" or "contains". Wildcards are not allowed.

 Molecular Formula

Enter each atomic symbol followed by the number of those atoms without spaces. Don't enter as a subscript. For example, 4-chlorobenzoic acid would be C7H5ClO2. Also, do not enter a structure with brackets. For example CH3(CH2)13N(Br)(CH3)3 should be entered as CH3C13H26NBrC3H9.

NOTE: atomic symbols must be entered in the proper case to avoid ambiguity. Carbon must be C, not c, and cobalt Co, not co or CO. The Molecular Formula Search is a "contains" search. For example, C7H5ClO2 will find C7H5ClO2, as well as C7H5BrClNO2.

 All / Keyword (Full Text)

Allows you to search the entire text of the web catalog, including full product descriptions and products. You are unlikely to miss anything of interest with a keyword (full text) search, but your hit list may be extremely long.

 Supplier Cross Reference Search

Enter the Product Number of any item purchased from another supplier or vendor with or without punctuation and spaces. Do not include the supplier's name or any other product identifier and do not enter multiple product numbers. In the case where only one cross-reference is found, that product information will be displayed. If there are multiple cross references found you will need to select the most suitable product from the search results. If the query doesn't return a match, please check your manufacturer or supplier number and try again, or try another product identifier (such as CAS #, etc.) in the search criteria fields for our products.

The cross-reference information presented is supplied on the express condition that the reader or any other person receiving such information will make their own determination as to the suitability of any product for any purpose. By using this tool, the user accepts responsibility for determining product suitability.