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New Product Search Launches A New Search Experience!

You’ll be able to:

  • Search faster than ever
  • View products only offered in your region
  • Organize and refine your search results
  • Search products, documents and web pages at the same time
  • Compare up to 4 products side-by-side

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 Search Results

A simple search for “zinc” yields this results page. Notice:
ADisplays the types of search results listings you see. The default is Products.
BYour Selections are the Breadcrumbs of your search and search refinements
CThe left column of the Search Results Page lists content relevant search refinments.
DShows the total number of hits for your search.
ELinks to additional search options.
FSorting Options.
GShows/Hides the Properties for a block of search results.
HAllows you to Show/Hide a full block of search results.
ILets you set your institution to gain access to additional text papers.