Website Help System

Search & Refinement

The refinement options below are offered to assist you in narrowing your search results. They will show up on the left column of the search results page.  It will consist of category headings and a list of links below these headings.  Each link will have a number in parentheses.  The number represents how many products match the refinement. NOTE: Only the refinements relevant to your search results list will be displayed.

Search Filters or Breadcrumbs
The "Search Filters" bar contains “breadcrumbs” or the actual search actions taken. Clicking the checkbox(s) will remove that refinement or search term AND re-factors the search. This allows retracing one or more steps without having to begin an entirely new search.

Selecting Types of Search Results to View
These tabs navigate among the types of search results. The bold label indicates what types of results, while the number in parenthesis indicates how many records match your search criteria. If a tab shows (0) records, it will not be an active link.

Search Results Pagination Control
Navigate through search results pages by clicking on these numbers. Arrows will take you forward or backward one page. If you are on the last page of a results set, the arrow will take you to the next page of results as well as present navigation options for the next set of 10 pages.