Diagnostics Innovations

Earlier Interactions, Greater Innovation, Secure Production

Whether our innovations are developed in-house or sourced, Sigma-Aldrich is actively identifying and developing products and technologies to support our customers. This enables us to give early access to partners and collaborators, sharing objectives and gaining appropriate access to novel developments.


Our newest line of genome editing tool. This RNA-guided genome editing tool is simple, easy and quick to implement.

Watch our Video on Duolink®
See how the new standard in protein interaction studies allows you to detect, quantify and obtain cell localization of protein interactions and their modifications in a single experiment.


Case Studies
How can we help you? Review projects we have collaborated on, including private label IVD kit development and custom manufacturing of ISO 13845 next gen sequencing index adaptors.
ONYX Quencher™ (OQ)
A proprietary quencher for probe-based PCR. Similar to other dark quenchers, OQ emits heat instead of light.

Cell Marque Antibodies
Fit-for-purpose antibodies and IHC staining kits from Cell Marque, aimed at pathologists and clinicians focused on patient management.