Food Microbiological Control

Food Microbiological Control

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Discover our Microbial Testing Solutions for the Food Industry.

We have joined forced with BioControl Systems to offer a Full-Service Portfolio, e.g. with MVP ICON for Hygiene Monitoring. Together, we make your work flow.

Our microbial testing products and kits comply with international standards for food testing. Our granulated media, as well as our ready-to-use agar plates and liquid media, set the trend for regulatory compliance documentation in accordance with the latest standards to support any audits and lab inspections.

Our manual and automated molecular (real-time PCR) and immunological solutions for the specific detection of major pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter or Escherichia coli (STEC’s) are approved by AOAC and other organizations, e.g. AFNOR, MicroVal, Health Canada, etc.

For detection of quality indicator organisms, we provide a broad range of granulated media in addition to highly convenient ready-to-use media concepts to help ensure reliable food safety testing. For media performance testing we also provide certified reference microorganisms with defined and certified cfu (colony forming units). For more details and to see our comprehensive range of Vitroids™ and Lenticule® discs, visit our website.

We also have a comprehensive range of services and high-quality environmental monitoring solutions to help you keep your food production facilities safe for convenient quality control, including routine process water testing.

Upcoming webinar: Spoilage and sterility tests in beverages. Join us on Nov 29 to learn about the revised IFU method no.12.   

Join our on-demand webinar on Beer analysis without the headache: Chemical and Microbiological monitoring for breweries