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Air-Sensitive Glassware - Schlenk-Type

Schlenk-Type  •  Storage  •  Septa  •  Inert Gases & Equipment

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This system is specifically designed for additions, chemical reactions, distillations, drying/ evaporation, extractions, filtrations, recrystallizations, washing, degassing, and transfers of solids and liquids.

  • Greaseless threaded standard taper joints require no clamps
  • Narrow openings minimize infusion of air during manipulations
  • Side-arm stopcocks for evacuation of air and purging with inert gas
  • May be used with ordinary glassware with standard taper joints

Threaded joint consists of an externally threaded female standard taper and a corresponding male standard taper joint with a threaded plastic nut and O-ring that seals above the ground-glass joint to make a vacuum-tight, greaseless seal. A simple twist of the nut loosens the joint for safe disassembly.