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MIXXOR liquid-liquid extraction systems
Pyrex brand accelerated One-Step extractor/concentrator
Normag liquid/liquid extractors

MIXXOR liquid-liquid extraction systems

The MIXXOR system has been applied successfully in many laboratory solvent extraction operations and is ideal for rapid screening of alternative solvents for specific extraction problems.

Sample prep benefits

  • For sample volumes from 2 to 50mL
  • Minimal amount of solvent required
  • Rapid, simple-to-use
  • Safe, closed system prevents spills
  • Precise, allows for easy separation of phases
  • Flexible, comes in five sizes and will fit in interlocking stands

MIXXOR is a unique mixer-separator-extraction device based on a new mass-transfer concept.

The MIXXOR concept ( 7 easy steps)
  1. Introduce sample and extraction solvent into reservoir (A) (Fig.1).
  2. Insert mixer-separator piston (B) into reservoir (A), tighten cap S.
  3. Pump four or more times to mix (Fig. 2).
  4. Pull mixer-separator up slightly above liquid level and secure with holder-spacer (H).
    Loosen cap.
  5. After separation, slide down the mixer-separator to transfer the upper phase into collection chamber (E).
  6. Adjust lower phase to top of axial channel (C). (Figures 1 and 3). Use fine adjustment on
    holder-spacer to secure setting.
  7. Top phase can now be decanted safely, while lower phase stays in the axial chamber.
MIXXOR systems with plastic support stands

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Pyrex brand accelerated One-Step extractor/concentrator

Single unit performs both extraction and concentration in about 1/2 the time of a normal liquid/liquid extraction.

  • Reduces pesticide and PCB sample extraction time from 18 to 6h and extraction time of semi-volatiles from 36 to 12h
  • Reduces solvent use from 500 to 100mL for lower solvent emissions, cost, and disposal
  • Extraction, concentration, and drying in a single system with no separate extract drying required due to use of hydrophobic membrane
  • Meets EPA requirements (SW-846 Method 3520 in accordance with section 2.1)

Complete assembly supplied with a 1L extractor body, membrane assembly and Photoceram membrane support, Snyder side-arm, extractor cup, PTFE stopcocks, Viton O-rings, and all necessary clamps, connectors, and fittings. Accessory concentrator tubes permit sample solvent to be boiled to 1mL sample size to eliminate boiling sample to dryness.

One-Step extractor/concentrator (Corning 3915C)


Accessories for above

Catalog Number
Concentrator tubes, 100mL solvent capacity
   jacketed (Corning 2157-100TJ)
   plain (Corning 2157-100T)
Allihn condenser, S.T. 45/50 joint. (Corning 3840-MCO)

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Normag liquid/liquid extractors

A rotating distributor in the extractor vessel is driven by a magnetic stirring plate. The extractor solvent fed from the condenser to the distributor is centrifugally forced through the small holes in the distributor ring as fine droplets into the liquid to be extracted, producing optimum exchange of matter. The liquid to be extracted also rotates in the extractor. The process is continuous and extraction is performed much more quickly than in traditional equipment.

For extraction with solvents of lower density than water

500mL capacity. Extraction vessel has S.T. 45/40 female and S.T. 24/40 male joints (A). Inlet tube has B45/50 male and B24/40 female joints and bearings (B). Rotary distributor with magnetic agitating rod, pivot nipple, and bearing (C). Antislip lock (D). Separating ring with retaining ring (E).


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