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Aldrich gas reducing flasksAldrich rapid transfer funnelsLarge separatory funnels

Aldrich gas reducing flasks

Features a large frit, porosity C, for efficient gas dispersion. Flasks have a
S.T. 14/20 threaded side inlet joint.

Cap.(mL) S.T. Threaded
Top joint
Frit diam. (mm) Diam x H (mm) Catalog Number
250 24/40 40 45 x 470 Z21,444-2
1,000 45/50 65 75x 540 Z21,445-0

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Aldrich rapid transfer funnels

140mm diameter, 250mm height, 3.5mm wall thickness.

Ball joint Catalog Number
65/40 Z54,884-7
75/50 Z54,885-5

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Large separatory funnels

10mm bore glass stopcock and 50mm (85mm on 22L) top opening. Allows agitation with "Lightnin"-type stirrer.

Cap. (L) Catalog Number
12 Z10,260-1
22 Z10,262-8

PTFE stopcock and S.T.45/40 joint.

Cap. (L) Catalog Number
4 Z12,784-1
6 Z12,786-8
10 Z12,787-6
S.T. 45/40 Glass pennyhead stopper Z22,970-9

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