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Glassware Catalog

Corning Organic Chemistry Glassware Kits - Sigma-Aldrich Glassware Catalog

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Kits utilize S.T. ground-glass joints throughout and are available in three standard joint sizes. All are supplied complete with vinyl case in which components are mounted in urethane foam.

Complete kit with S.T. 24/40 joints

S.T. Joints Corning No. Product No.
24/40 6949 Z145505
  1. Cylindrical funnel, 100mL
  2. Liebig condenser
  3. Cold-finger condenser
  4. Pyrex stopper
  5. Vacuum-distilling adapter
  6. Rubber thermometer holder
  7. Distilling adapter
  8. Connecting adapter (2ea)
  9. Round-bottom flask, 500mL
  10. Reaction-vessel tube
  11. Drying tube
  12. Thermometer
  13. Outlet adapter
  14. Round-bottom flask, 250mL
  15. Round-bottom flask, 100mL

Complete kits with S.T. 14/20 or S.T. 19/22 joints

S.T. Joints Corning No. Product No.
14/20 6949K Z145564
19/22 6949E Z145521

  1. Distilling column
  2. West condenser
  3. Separatory funnel, 125mL
  4. Bleed tube
  5. Rubber thermometer holder
  6. Thermometer adapter
  7. Round-bottom flask, 100mL
  8. Round-bottom flask, 250mL
  9. 3-way adapter, 3 ground-glass joints
  10. Round-bottom flask, 50mL
  11. Vacuum adapter
  12. Claisen adapter
  13. Round-bottom flask, 25mL
  14. Pyrex stopper
  15. Round-bottom flask, 500mL