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Metals/Metal Hydrides Test Kit  •  Aldrich All-In-One  •  Corning Organic Chemistry  •  Microscale Kits

Hydrogen gas is produced when active metals and metal hydrides (including boron hydrides) react with suitable hydrolytic solvents. The hydrogen gas displaces the water in the graduated burette which allows for quantitative measurement.

The metals and metal hydrides which can be analyzed include:
  • Sodium and lithium as dispersions in mineral oil
  • Borane-tetrahydrofuran and borane-methyl sulfide complexes
  • 9-BBN
  • K-Selectride
  • Lithium aluminum hydride
  • Diisobutylaluminum hydride
  1. Septum-inlet flask, 250mL
  2. Graham condenser, 300mm
  3. Vacuum adapter
  4. Cold-trap top with stopcock
  5. Cold-trap bottom (dry ice/acetone)
  6. Trap flask, 250mL
  7. Graduated burette, 250mL with 1mL graduations
  8. Leveling bulb, 250mL
  9. Thermometer adapter
  10. Non-mercury thermometer, total immersion, 0 to 230°F
  11. PVC flexible tubing


Please refer to Aldrich Technical Information Bulletin AL-123
for procedural details of the testing process.

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