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Adjustable rapid-purge valve

Compact design allows for easy mounting anywhere in a vacuum system. For use when purging an evacuated apparatus with inert gas. Two-piece PTFE plug with Viton O-ring and SS spring is adjustable for pressures greater than 5 psi.


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Aldrich SAFE-PURGE valves

The Aldrich SAFE-PURGE valves provide for safe, high-performance operation. Both the manual and automatic spring-loaded styles feature a durable PTFE metering valve.

Manually adjustable PTFE valve
Used with purge gas pressure under 5 psi.


Automatic spring-loaded PTFE valve

Used with purge gas pressure greater than 5 psi. Should any oil pass the check valve, the spring-loaded plug will prevent any oil or air from entering the system


Please refer to Aldrich Technical Information Bulletin AL-198 for procedural details.

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Firestone valve


Connect reaction vessel, house-vacuum, and purge gas to the Firestone valve via 10mm o.d. connections. A rapid and efficient purge valve for 100% replacement of air in reaction vessels. Automatically controls gas flow and pressure. Conserve expensive gases by decreasing flow to almost zero after purging.


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