Request the Labware Product Guide 2013-2014

Sigma-Aldrich is introducing the Labware Guide 2013-2014 available for all your laboratory needs.

The Labware guide is a useful source of information for all your laboratory needs, having the following advantages;

  • Application oriented structure for easy and convenient access to the products you need for your application
  • Top 4000 products listed, for an easy overview of the latest in technology and Labware
  • Top Manufacturer and brands listed, such as GE Whatman, Corning, Eppendorf, Grace Biotech, etc...
  • A full listing of all our Labware items is also available on our website.
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It is a must have for all Laboratories, so request your copy today by simply filling in the request form below.
We are looking forward to fulfilling your request very shortly.

This guide is intended for use in European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Availability of all products in other areas is not guaranteed.