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Aldrich Spectral Viewer

Spectral viewer FT-NMR Library

The Aldrich FT-NMR Library with Spectral Viewer on CD-ROM is an electronic book that contains high-resolution 300MHz 1H and 75MHz 13C spectra for the more than 11,800 compounds found in the printed version of The Aldrich Library of 13C and 1H FT-NMR Spectra. A supplemental library is also available that includes spectra for 3,500 additional compounds not included in the original printed version. Order both the standard and the supplemental library for access to spectra on over 15,000 compounds.

Spectral Viewer showing search results with technical data

Ideal for:

  • Teaching students NMR spectral interpretation
  • Referencing spectra for comparison studies and the identification of unknown compounds
  • Exporting spectra quickly for presentations and papers

Spectral Viewer showing fully integrated 1HNMR spectrum with table of integrals.Features:

  • Displays 1H and 13C spectra, integral, chemical structure, and technical data
  • Text Searching by Chemical Name, Aldrich Catalog Number, CAS Number, and Molecular Formula
  • Advanced data field searching on Chemical Category and physical properties such as Boiling Point, Melting Point, Density, Flash Point, Molecular Weight, and Refractive Index
  • Spectra processing using Zoom, Peak Integration, and Peak Labeling
  • Print spectra, structure, technical data, integral table and peak listing
  • Export spectra to a file (Bitmap, Metafile, or JPEG formats) or to the clipboard (Bitmap or Metafile formats)
  • Web link button provides additional technical data from the Sigma-Aldrich Website

Minimum system requirements:
Pentium. 200MHz, Windows. 95/98/ME/NT4-SP5/2000, CD-ROM drive, 600MB hard disk space, 64MB RAM

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To order, simply click on the catalog number of the version you wish to purchase:

Version FT-NMR Standard library
(11,800 compounds)
FT-NMR Supplemental library
(3,500 compounds)
Single user, commercial Z54,126-5 Z53,808-6
Single user, academic Z54,138-9 Z53,818-3
Network version Z54,149-4 Z53,797-7
Demonstration program Z54,159-1  
3-Volume book set Z23,103-7  

Clicking on the product number links above will take you the corresponding product detail page, from which you may place your order.