Aldrich SensIR ATR -IR Library on CD-ROM

The Aldrich®/SensIR® ATR-IR Library (Attenuated Total Reflectance) contains high-resolution FT-IR spectra for use with Thermo Electron SpecID™ (Z40,748-8) spectral search software.

  • Suitable for doing searches using spectral subtraction.
  • Contains nearly 18,000 pure compounds of the most common chemicals found in the Aldrich Handbook
  • Spectra archived using 2 cm-1 data resolution and 16-bit ordinate precision
  • Searchable by ATR and standard FT-IR spectra*
  • Frequency range: 650-4,000 cm-1

Infrared radiation enters the diamond's prism, which creates an evanescent wave that extends beyond the surface of the diamond into the sample, producing a spectrum.  ATR offers a very short pathlength, making it ideal for highly absorbent materials.  The Diamond ATR provides the highest quality spectra because it can withstand scratches from solids, fracture from pressure, and damage from the cleaning process.

*Transition spectra are fundamentally different than ATR spectra, and current software conversions have made them interchangable.  The best method is to evaluate the reference data in the same method that the sample was analyzed.

Multi-unit library discounts are available.

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