Membrane Preparations and Reagents for Transporter Assays

Ready-to-use membrane preparations and reagents from SOLVO Biotechnology® are powerful tools for studying drug transporters and are now available at Sigma-Aldrich. SOLVO’s vesicular transport and ATPase models provide superior transporter activity, higher dynamic range, and more physiologically-relevant lipid composition allowing optimal investigations of drug-transporter interactions.

Vesicular Transporter Assays
Membrane Preparations for Vesicular Transport Assays are suitable for general drug-transporter interaction studies. Both substrate and inhibitor interactions can be assessed using vesicles over-expressing key transporters.

Negative control membranes are also available.
ATPase Transporter Assays
The ATPase assay is an in vitro membrane assay designed to indicate the nature of the interaction between a compound and the transporter. By measuring ATPase activity, both activation and inhibition of transporters can be investigated.

Negative control membranes are also available.