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 DISCOVER Pfizer Compounds

 Access authentic Pfizer compounds

Sigma® Life Science understands that in your research, the right tools are essential. Since 2009 Sigma and Pfizer have partnered to provide access to many of Pfizer’s well-studied compounds, making the Pfizer pipeline your pipeline. To further research in drug discovery, over 175 authentic, quality-controlled Pfizer compounds are available from Sigma, with additional new small molecules on the horizon.

Read more about our partnership with Pfizer in a Nature Inside View profile feature with Rick Connell,
Vice President and Worldwide Head of External Research Solutions, Pfizer Global Research and Development.

 Pfizer tools for your research

The research community has enhanced access to authentic, high-quality Pfizer compounds through Sigma Life Science. Available Pfizer probes and drugs span multiple research areas, fostering reproducibility, innovation, and discovery. To view Pfizer compounds for your area of research, click on the categories below.

 Additional Resources

Discover the right bioactive small molecules for your area of research.

Bioactive Small Molecules
Explore the full offering of the Bioactive Small Molecule portfolio, including LOPAC® and Pfizer compounds, and find additional resources for your reference.
SGC Epigenetic Probes
Sigma has partnered with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) to provide novel chemical probes for epigenetic research. Click here to learn more.
New Small Molecule
New small molecules products are added to the portfolio weekly. Browse the newly launched molecules by area of research.

Learn more about the LOPAC library of high quality, ready to screen compounds for target characterization and assay validation.
Pharma-developed Compounds
Over 800 pharma-developed approved therapeutics and drug candidates are available from Sigma. Find your molecule of interest here.