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Casein Kinase Activity Assay Kits

Sigma-RBI is pleased to offer three kits for measuring the activity of casein kinases using in vitro phosphorylation of specific casein substrates:

  • Casein Kinase I, Activity Assay Kit (Product No. CS0600)
  • Casein Kinase II, Activity Assay Kit (Product No. CS0610)
  • Casein Kinase Assay Kit (general) (Product No. CS0400)

Casein kinases (CK) are highly conserved serine/threonine kinases, ubiquitous in eukaryotic organisms, and defined by their substrate preference for casein. They are insensitive to cyclic nucleotides, calcium, and phospholipids. Casein kinases are grouped into two main families, type I and type II, according to their structure, specificity, and response to effectors. The three kits can be used to measure casein kinases in cell lysates, tissue homogenates, column fractions, or the purified enzyme. The kits also include CKI and CKII specific inhibitors to distinguish between CKI and CKII activities in the biological sample.

JNK, MEK, and p38: Kinase Activity Assay Kits

Sigma-RBI presents three kinase activity kits based on phosphorylation activity analysis by immunodetection.

  • JNK Activity Assay Kit (Product No. CS0380)
  • MEK Activity Assay Kit (Product No. CS0490)
  • p38 MAPK Activity Assay Kit (Product No. CS0250)

The kits are applicable for studies of kinase pathways, kinase activators and inhibitors, as well as extracellular stress stimuli that are converted into specific cellular responses through the activation of the specific kinase signaling pathway.

Advantages include:

  • Sensitive, reproducible, non-radioactive assay
  • Short and simple procedure
  • Assay containing all required reagents for the immunoprecipitation and phosphorylation reactions, including:
    • Detection antibody
    • Use of EZview Red Affinity Gel, which allows a better visualization of the precipitated fraction
    • Assays containing specific inhibitors for further verification of kinase specificity

For further information, visit our website at sigma-aldrich.com/assaykits