3D Cell Culture Tools and Applications

3D Cell Culture

The more your research reflects its real-world counterpart, the more likely you are to arrive at answers to some of life’s toughest questions. 3D cell culture leads to more predictive models for research, drug discovery, or regenerative medicine applications. From spheroids (tumors, islets..),organoids development, to tissue engineering, a growing number of cellular model studies are switching from flat, 2D systems, to 2D physiological (coating) approaches and/or “real” 3D protocols.

By combining our diverse set of expertise in protein production, material science and specialized device development, we offer a comprehensive, highly published portfolio of chemically defined 3D cell technologies that allow for extended serial passages. As established experts in an emerging field, count on us to grow your research environment from 2D to 3D and help maximize your results.



3D Polymers



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Scaffolds-based Techniques
Scaffold-based Technology
• Find the best attachment factor for
  your cell and application
Hydrogel comparison: choose the
  one adapted to your needs
TrueGel3D™ Hydrogel


Scaffold-Free Tools
Scaffold-free Technology
Spheroids formation: low binding plates
  and moldings tools
3D Spheroid Media


Innovations in 3D
TrueGel3D™ Hydrogel
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3DKUBE Cell culture Chamber by
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