Cell Culture

Cell Culture Manual

The 2011-2014 Edition of the Sigma-Aldrich Cell Culture Manual

This manual has a variety of valuable cell culture information that has become a must-have in any cell culture lab!

Reformatted to be even more useful to researchers, this publication has more detailed content to further help you achieve success in your cell culture work.
  • More protocols
  • More Technical Information
  • More Quick-reference Tables
  • More Great Products for Cell Culture
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Table of Contents
  • Cell Culture Essentials
  • Serum-Free and Specialty Media
  • Classical Media
  • Sera
  • Balanced Salt Mixtures
  • ECACC® Cell Lines
  • Labware
Cell Culture Manual Third Edition Cover
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Contains in-depth, practical information in the following areas:

Media selection
Cell Line selection
Sterility and Sterile Technique
Endotoxin Contamination
Mycoplasma Contamination and Clean-up
Sera Selection
Protease/Phosphatase Inhibitors
A collection of cell-based kits ranging in application from cytotoxicity and viability to organelle isolation and purification
Antibiotic Selection
Cytokine/Growth Factor Selection
Stem Cell Culture
Mouse Embryo Culture
Attachment Factor Selection
Hybridoma and Recombinant Proteins
Cell Dissociation