Custom Oligos

Custom DNA Oligos

We offer you an innovative line of custom oligonucleotides for your research. As always, every custom DNA oligo is deprotected and desalted – quality is always guaranteed!

Standard DNA Synthesis Primers Made Easy

Standard Synthesis and Purification
  DNA Oligos In Tubes and Plates


Long Oligos
Easy Oligo:
   In Solution at 100 µM

Pure and Simple Primers:
   Purified Primers at a Fixed Price


Product Highlights

WellRED Primers: For use on Beckman Coulter's CEQ/GeXP Genetic Analysis Systems

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Real-time qPCR Probes: Oligos for real-time PCR, multiplexing, SNP analysis, allelic discrimination and spectral genotyping

siRNA: Oligos for gene silencing

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