Custom siRNA Oligos

siRNA Design Service

Our in-house design service provides you with customized siRNA designs that efficiently silence your gene of interest. We continuously improve our design rules in order to provide you with highly efficient siRNA sequences. All siRNA designs are routinely analyzed by an optimized BLAST search to reduce the risk of off-target effects.

For accessing our siRNA design service, please contact us under:

For our design process, we will need the following information about your target gene:

  • Reference gene accession number or Gene ID
  • Gene name or Gene symbol

Your siRNA designs will be sent to you by email within 3 working days of submitting your design request. Our design service is free of charge and not linked to any synthesis requirements.

We recommend that you order at least 3 different siRNA designs per gene, to better control for the appearance of off-target effects.

Related Information

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