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MISSION® Special Offers


Limited Time Only: Whole Genome Mission Complete Arrayed Viral Libraries
(Only 10 Copies Available) at a Fraction of the Cost. Ship Next Day!


Exclusive offer for custom shRNA!

Purchase a minimum of 3 custom clones in lentiviral format and receive special $500 (Euro 400/GBP 350) per clone pricing, corresponding glycerol stocks, and a free control* in lentiviral format with every 3-clone purchase.

*Customer has choice of one empty or non-target custom lentiviral control per every 3 clones purchased.

To place an order or for more details, contact your local sales representative or email us at Promotion is not valid on web orders.


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For questions about the library, pricing and quotes or other concerns, please e-mail us at:

MISSION is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich. The MISSION shRNA Library of The RNAi Consortium is produced and distributed under license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Licensed under Carnegie Institution US Patent 6,506,559 and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and for laboratory and commercial research use only. TrakMates is a registered trademark of Matrix Technologies Corporation.

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