Transduction Control

Data courtesy of Sheila Stewart, Ph.D. Washington University School of Medicine

MISSION™ TurboGFP™ Lentiviral Particles Demonstrate Higher Transduction Efficiency Compared to pRRL-eGFP Particles
MISSION™ TurboGFP™ Lentiviral Particles Demonstrate Higher Fluorescence Intensity Compared to pRRL-eGFP Particles

Figures A and B. Transduction efficiency and fluorescence intensity were compared between pRRL-eGFP lentiviral particles and MISSION™ TurboGFP™ lentiviral particles using increasing amounts of lentiviral supernatant. 5.0 x 105 normal BJ fibroblasts were transduced in 60 mm dishes. Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) was performed 60 hours post-transduction on 1.0 x 104 cells. Transduction efficiency of the MISSION TurboGFP Control Transduction Particles was higher compared to pRRL-eGFP particles. Fluorescence intensity was also much greater from the MISSION TurboGFP particles compared to pRRL-eGFP particles.

For more information on MISSION shRNA controls visit the MISSION shRNA Controls page.

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