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Fall 2005

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Rafael Valdes-Camin

Sean Battles

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Northbank Communications Ltd.
The Type House, Inc.

Editorial Review Board
Keith Jolliff, Ph.D.
Christina Shasserre
Keith Watling, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology
Feature Article
MISSION™ shRNA Library: Next Generation RNA Interference (722 K PDF)

Application Note
Site-Specific Chromosomal Mutagenesis Using the TargeTron™ Gene Knockout System (179 K PDF)

Application Note
Real-time Quantitative Representation Measurement of Eighty Loci Using GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification (159 K PDF)

Application Note
10x Bionic Buffer...Better, Faster, Stronger (167 K PDF)

Cell Culture
Application Note
Optimal Serum-Free Ex Vivo Expansion and Activation of T Lymphocytes Using Stemline™ T Cell Expansion Medium (176 K PDF)

Application Note
Superior Performance of a New Affinity Purified ANTI-FLAG M2 Antibody (173 K PDF)

Application Note
Targeted Gene Knockdown Experiments: Combining 18O-Isotopic Labeling and Protein-AQUA™ (128 K PDF)

Application Note
Atto Labels and Their Conjugates (165 K PDF)

Internet Notes
The Bioactive Nutrient Explorer (3.5 Mb PDF)

Products Spotlights
Product Applications and Procedures for Your Lab (4.3 Mb PDF)

Book Spotlights
"RNAi: A Guide to Gene Silencing" and "p53 Protocols" (3.6 Mb PDF)

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