Labware Products

Grinding Instruments and Homogenizers
PELLET PESTLES, disposable
blue polypropylene (Autoclavable) Z359947
CTFE/stainless steel (Reusable; Autoclavable) Z359955
Dounce tissue grinder pestle
Large clearance, working volume 15 mL P0735
Small clearance, working volume 15 mL P1360
Dounce tissue grinder set
2 ml complete D8938
Cell dissociation sieve - Tissue Grinder Kit CD1-1KT
IKA® Disperser Clamps
R 182 Boss head clamp for dispersers Z403938
RH 3 Strap clamp for dispersers Z403628
Glassware and Rotary Evaporators
Pyrex® Soxhlet extract­ion ap­para­tus
capacity 50 mL, to top of siphon CLS3740S
Aldrich® jacketed Soxhlet extract­or
capacity 50 mL Z564761
Aldrich® Buchner funnel
funnel capacity 15 mL, disc diam. 20 mm Z546453
Coors® Buchner funnel
capacity 30 mL Z247308
Pyrex® Buchner funnel, with perforated plate
diam. 55.0 mm CLS606055
IKA® rotary evaporator
vertical condenser, Basic, glass Z566861
Control, vertical condenser, glass Z566993
Digital, vertical condenser, glass Z566950
Hettich ROTINA 420R (115V) Centrifuge
ROTINA 420R Z723630
Hettich ROTINA 420 (115V) Centrifuge
ROTINA 420 Z723428
Hettich Fixed Angle Rotor, 30 place
for ROTINA 420/420R Centrifuge, Fixed Angle Rotor, 30 place (w/ bio-containment lid) Z728152
Hettich Swing-out Rotor, 4 place
for ROTINA 420/420R Centrifuge, Swing-out Rotor, 4 place Z728039
Mini-Centrifuge C5605
Eppendorf® Minispin® and Minispin Plus Personal Micro­centrifuge
Minispin C3361
Minispin Plus C3486
TLC Plates
Analtech TLC Uniplates™: alumina matrix
5 cm × 20 cm Z265659
10 cm × 20 cm, scored Z500550
Sigma-Aldrich® TLC plates
silica gel matrix, H 5 cm × W 20 cm Z122688
silica gel matrix, H 10 cm × W 20 cm Z185310