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Biowire Spring 2011 — Cell Lines — Models of Disease

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A principle mission of the Customer Education Team at Sigma Life Science is to enable science through education. We strive to provide researchers with leading technologies and the educational resources required for enhancing the understanding of all biological disciplines. This is achieved through the implementation of educational programs including technical courses, symposia, and seminars. Our programs scheduled for 2011 position Sigma as a leading facilitator of science through education, and we invite you to come learn with us by taking part in one of our programs.

2011 Schedule of Programs

Program Location Date
Technical Courses:    
Deconvolution of Pooled shRNA Library Screens using Microarray Technology Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland April 26–28
Targeted Genome Editing using Zinc Finger Nucleases EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany May 10–12, Dec 6–8
Zinc Finger Nucleases and RNA Interference as Tools for Genetic Manipulation Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, Missouri June 14–16
Understanding Biology Symposia:    
Advances in Targeted Genome Editing: Applications for Zinc Finger Nucleases EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany December 6
User Meetings:    
Functional Genomics European User Meeting Cologne, Germany April 8–9

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