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Biowire Winter 2011 — Knockout Rats — More Effective Pre-Clinical Models

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Sigma Life Science Global Education Program

A principle mission of the Customer Education Team at Sigma Life Science is to enable science through education. This is achieved through the implementation of educational programs including technical courses, symposia, seminars for researchers, and our outreach programs for the community at large. In 2010, we expanded the global reach of our technical courses through our corporate partnership with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Advanced Training Centre, based in Heidelberg, Germany. For 2011, this highly successful partnership will offer many new courses and symposia. In addition, we have broadened our programs by entering into new partnerships, providing additional technical course topics and expanding our community outreach programs.

Our progressive programs scheduled for 2011 position Sigma as a leading facilitator of science through education ... so we invite you to come learn with us by taking part in one of our technical workshops, symposia, or outreach programs.

We have exciting new technical course offerings scheduled for 2011 that will provide in-depth discussions and hands-on participation in the areas of RNA interference, Zinc Finger Nuclease technologies, and stem cell biology. As part of Sigma’s ongoing effort to educate researchers on the most innovative applications of these technologies, we recently partnered with Dr. Jef Boeke, Director of the High Throughput Biology Center and Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Johns Hopkins University, to offer a new technical course: “RNAi Screening, Deconvolution and Analysis Using Microarrays.” This course will be held at Johns Hopkins University (April 26-28, 2011) and is based on Dr. Boeke’s work developing a microarray platform to analyze hits from screens utilizing the MISSION® LentiPlex® Pooled shRNA Libraries. For a complete schedule, or to register for this or other workshops, click here.

In addition to our technical courses, Sigma offers a wide range of technical seminars and webinars. In 2010, our seminar program included the Understanding Biology Symposia Series which delivered highly relevant seminars on innovative technologies. Building on the success of this campaign, a similar series is scheduled for 2011 including the “Advances in Targeted Genome Editing: Applications for Zinc Finger Nucleases” symposium, in partnership with the EMBL. Featuring breakout tracks, a poster session, and keynote presentations, participants will learn the latest advances and applications of ZFN technology, such as cell line engineering and animal model development.

As part of Sigma’s ongoing commitment to elevate interest in the sciences throughout the community, the Customer Education team launched our Biobench workshop series in 2010. This workshop combines lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises designed to provide high school students and teachers a greater understanding of life science techniques. The inaugural event hosted students from the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy for a two-day workshop entitled “DNA Fingerprinting.” Students trained on the techniques of DNA isolation, polymerase chain reaction, and gel electrophoresis. The Biobench series continues in 2011 along with additional outreach programs designed to familiarize both scientists and non-scientists with innovative technologies.

The goal of the Customer Education team at Sigma Life Science is to provide researchers with leading technologies and the educational resources required for enhancing the understanding of all biological disciplines. Our progressive programs scheduled for 2011 position Sigma as a leading facilitator of science through education, but we need your participation to make this year truly successful. We invite you to learn with us by taking part in one of our technical workshops, symposia, or outreach programs.

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