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Customer Education

Biological discovery is occurring at a rapid pace, and we are committed to advancing your science through education. Through partnership with the global research community, our scientists have developed a customer training program that introduces you to the latest technologies and trends in life science. This offering includes a wide variety of hands-on courses, customized trainings, seminars and eLearning materials to promote scientific excellence in your laboratory.

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Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops

These comprehensive technical courses range from 2 days to 5 days, and are made up of lectures by the fields leading scientists. Basic fundamentals, as well as cutting edge applications are covered in each course. Some course agendas even allow for intensive hands-on laboratory training that fully immerses researchers in key technologies.


Seminar & Symposia

These half- and one-day conferences focus on a key life science technology and its latest applications. These events provide an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with researchers in your scientific community and to gain vital insights from key opinion leaders.



View our on-demand educational videos and training modules on numerous areas of biology and analytical chemistry, including cell culture, genomics, qPCR, RNAi, ZFNs, chromatography, fused-core technology and other diagnostic applications.

Additional eLearning Resources