Protein Phosphorylation

Purification Enrichment

Product #  Product Name Function Format Samples
Input Sample Size Output
P9740 PHOS-Select™ Iron Affinity Gel Agarose Fe+3-chelate phosphopeptide capture Bulk media 5 Captures 4 µM phosphopeptide maximum per mL packed media LC, MALDI-MS, ESI-MS
PP0410 PhosphoProfile I Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit Silica Ga+3-chelate phosphopeptide capture Prepacked spin-column 24 Captures 25 nM phosphopeptide maximum per spin column LC, MALDI-MS, ESI-MS

PHOS-Select™ Iron Affinity Gel, (P9740)
  • High capacity (at least 4 micromoles of phosphopeptide per ml of resin)
  • Precharged with iron (III) as a stable chelate
  • Provides single-step phosphocompound purification
  • Supplied as an approximate 50% suspension in 50% glycerol buffered at pH 5.0
  • Supplied with technical bulletin providing detailed procedure for use

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