HyStem™ Cell Culture

HyStem™ Cell Culture Scaffold Kits

Customizable and free of animal components, HyStem hydrogel cell culture scaffolds provide a complex, three dimensional environment in which cells are able to proliferate, much as they would in‑vivo.
Customizable: each distinct cell type in a multicellular organism has its own unique microenvironment. HyStem offers the flexibility to tailor the environments of cultured cells to mimic their in vivo counterparts and optimize proliferation and differentiation.
Animal Component Free: As a synthetic Hyaluronic acid-based matrix, HyStem offers complete control of the cellular environment. All components are well-characterized, consistent, and derived from non-animal sources
Biologically accurate: Rich in hyaluronic acid, the HyStem hydrogel closely mimics the complex three dimensional cellular environments found in life, providing an optimal environment for culturing your cells.
Recommended For...
  • Researchers who require an animal component free system
  • Researchers who plan to customize with their own attachment factors and/or ECM proteins
  • Researchers who require a minimal number of cell attachment sites
With HyStem, researchers can tailor the incorporation of ECM proteins, cell attachment factors, and growth factors as well as the elasticity of the hydrogel and cell incorporation (encapsulations or top plating) to create the specific 3D environment required by their cells.
Cell Types
The HyStem Hydrogel Kits are optimal for culturing stem cells whose natural environment is rich in hyaluronic acid (HA).. HyStem has been successfully used to expand human embryonic stem cells (H9s), umbilical cord blood CD23+ stem cells, hepatic stem cells and hepatic progenitor cells.
Cell Encapsulation
The HyStem platform accommodates cell encapsulations (true 3D) as well as plating on top of the hydrogel for pseudo-3D growth.
Cell Attachment
HyStem offers a minimal number of cell attachment sites. If desired, researchers may incorporate attachment factors of their choice.
Growth Factor Incorporation
Researchers may customize with their own growth factors; growth factors will likely require replenishment.
  • HyStem (H2416)
  • Extralink (E6534)
  • Water, degassed (W3894)
Ordering Information and Formats:
Trial Kit: (HYS010) for 2.5ml of HyStem Hydrogel
Standard Kit: (HYS020) for 7.5ml of HyStem Hydrogel
The HyStem Trial Kit enables researchers to evaluate the HyStem technology in their own hands and confirm that HyStem is the right choice for their research.
HyStem is recommended for both in vivo and in vitro experimentation.

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