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Time of Publication (TOP) Science

Time of Publication (TOP) Science is an innovative collaboration between Sigma-Aldrich, scientific innovators, and peer-reviewed publications that enables cutting edge technology to be made available at the time of publication to end-users across the globe. Learn more about the innovative products, and the researchers who developed them, below.

 Day of Publication Products: Recent Additions

  • Palau’Chlor
    Described as the “Goldilocks” of Chlorinating reagents, available exclusively from Sigma-Aldrich

  • PSMS
    Magic Methyl: PSMS presents the best way to add methyl groups directly to heterocyclic hits or leads

  • “Nok” Designer Surfactant
    Third generation designer surfactant allowing previously air and moisture-sensitive chemistry to be performed in water

  • Boger 1,2,3 Triazines
    Novel 1,2,3 Triazines for Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder synthesis of heterocycles

  • Nicewicz Photocatalyst
    Metal-free visible light photocatalyst used for a variety of functionalization reactions

  • Baran Late Stage Bioconjugation Linker
    Directly add an azide-terminated linker to heterocyclic Hit or Lead molecules for subsequent bioconjugation