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 CHOZN ®Platform

Accelerate Your Upstream Process Development Timelines

Powered by the CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology, SAFC has created the first ever commercially available cell line platform that allows for faster, simpler selection and scale up of high producing clones for the production of recombinant protein drugs. Used for the production of biopharmaceuticals, the cGMP produced and tested CHOZN GS-/- cell line has been proven to shorten bioproduction times in early development, enabling customers to enhance their speed to market and decrease costs. Along with the cells, media and feed, SAFC provides extensive user protocols covering transfection through scale up to small scale bioreactors, as well as comprehensive cell line safety testing and development history.

The CHOZN® Platform is a CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) mammalian cell expression system for the fast and easy selection and scale up of clones producing high levels of recombinant proteins. Key to the CHOZN® Platform is the development of the CHOZN® ZFN Modified GS-/- CHO cell line that eliminates the endogenous Glutamine synthetase (GS) rendering the cells auxotrophic for the essential amino acid L-glutamine. The targeted gene modification within these cells allows for a more powerful and faster clone selection when isolating producing cell lines. The CHOZN® Platform also includes an optimized set of cGMP produced chemically defined (CD) growth and production media and feed that have been developed to maximize the growth and production of r-proteins from producing clones. The media and feed have been optimized to support both the initial cell line engineering process and stable cell line selection, through large scale growth and production. Media and feed formulations were developed using animal component free raw materials that have a proven track record for sourcing and robust manufacturability. 

CHOZN Platform Components

  • cGMP produced and tested CHOZN GS-/- cell line (CHOGS)
  • Optimized vector for expression of antibodies, FC-fusion proteins or recombinant proteins
  • Detailed technical protocols from transfection to small scale bioreactors
  • Technical support from our CHOZN Platform R&D team
  • One year research license
Product No. Description Product Information Sheet
CHOGS CHOZN ZFN-modified GS-/- CHO Cell Line PIS (PDF)

Purchase the CHOZN Platform through product number CHOGS. Please see CHOZN Platform technical bulletin for more details.

Platform Media and Feeds

Optimized media and feeds that can be purchased separately as part of the CHOZN platform are listed below. Please see CHOZN Platform technical bulletin for details on media use.

Product No. Description Product Information Sheet
14366C EX-CELL® Advanced™ CHO Fed-batch Medium – Liquid PIS (PDF)
24366C EX-CELL Advanced™ CHO Fed-batch Medium – Powder PIS (PDF)
24367C EX-CELL Advanced CHO Feed 1 (with glucose) PIS (PDF)
24368C EX-CELL Advanced CHO Feed 1 (without glucose) PIS (PDF)
14365C EX-CELL CD CHO Fusion Medium
C6366 EX-CELL CHO Cloning Medium Poster (PDF)

Why Use CHOZN?

Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines continue to be the predominant cell line of choice for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. SAFC’s CHOZN products and services were created utilizing CompoZr™ Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology to engineer CHO cell lines with characteristics that are attractive to biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers, including stability, time, ease of use and adaptability.

Reliable – SAFC® has a long history providing our customers with the highest grade critical raw materials. We are your trusted supplier due to our quality systems & worldwide manufacturing capabilities. CHOZN Products & Services continue SAFC’s history of excellence.

Decrease Development Timeline – Save up to 8 weeks in cell line development time lines (no MSX, no amplification, high rate of clone recovery, fewer clones screened)

Ease of Use – Comprehensive user protocols guide customers from transfection through small scale bioreactors; complete CD process allows for seamless scale up

Technical Support – CHOZN GS Platform users gain access to the scientist who developed the cell lines. Prior to beginning cell line development, our team will meet your scientists to discuss protocols & share detailed information that ensures success. We maintain regular contact with our customers and are always available to discuss your project goals.

Stability – >70% of clones maintain >90% titer over 60 generations.

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