Biosimilar Scale-Up Solutions

Ready to go big—right from the start. The CHOZN® platform offers a proven, integrated GMP solution that jumpstarts biosimilar development, accelerates scale-up and safeguards manufacturing. Use a cell line, media and feed that begin with the end in mind.

Get there first and win the race to market.

 Media Development Services

The CHOZN cell line is a GMP product so there’s no need to modify materials for manufacturing. And because the CHOZN platform uses materials developed and manufactured by the world’s leading experts in cell culture media, you can rest assured that quality is high and your supply chain is secure. Our EX-CELL® Glycosylation Adjust (Gal+) protein quality supplement integrates seamlessly with the CHOZN platform to increase process performance and product quality. And our imMEDIate ADVANTAGE® service provides small-scale, non-GMP, custom cell culture materials that make real-time development efforts more cost effective; they’re designed for scale-down modeling, media prototyping and process troubleshooting.

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Speeding Biosimilar Development:
Using Glycosylation Control

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Introducing a next generation, chemically-defined EX-CELL® Advanced™ CHO fed-batch media platform
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