GC Analysis of Parabens in Waste Water Effluent on SLB®-5ms after SPME using 85 μm Polyacrylate Fiber

GC Analysis of Parabens in Waste Water Effluent on SLB®-5ms after SPME using 85 μm Polyacrylate Fiber


sample preparation SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction)
sample/matrix 7 mL water + 1.75 gm NaCl in 10 mL vial spiked with parabens at 1 µg/L
desorption process 270 °C2 min
extraction immersion, 35 min
SPME fiber SPME Assy, 85 µm Polyacrylate FS, 23 ga, AUTO (White), pk/3 (57294-U)
column SLB-5ms, 20 m x 0.18 mm I.D., 0.36 µm (28576-U)
oven 65 °C (1 min), 20C/min. to 220 °C (10 min)
carrier gas helium, 1 mL/min constant
liner 0.75 m ID SPME
inj. temp. 270 °C
detector MSD
MSD interface 300 °C
scan range SIM


Analysis Note Parabens are alkyl benzoates that are common anti-microbial additives to personal care products such as lotions, deodorants, and shampoos.They are also used in some pharmaceutical preparations and food products. This has resulted in widespread exposure to these chemicals, especially through use of cosmetic products (1). Historically, these compounds have been considered “safe” however there is some controversy surrounding their use, after the results of some studies which have found some parabens to exhibit weak estrogenic effects (2). These compounds can enter the environment through wastewater discharges, and studies have found them at ppb levels in river sediments and sewage sludge, and at ppt levels in treated waste water and river water (2,3,4). A common approach for low level analysis of parabens is SPE followed by HPLC. Methods using GC for analysis typically include a derivatization step (3,4). In this application, SPME and direct GC-MS/SIM analysis without derivatization was used in the analysis of parabens spiked into treated wastewater effluent at 1 ppb.
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