GC Analysis of Polar Component Mixture on SLB(R)-IL60i

GC Analysis of Polar Component Mixture on SLB®-IL60i


column SLB-IL60i, 30 m x 0.25 mm I.D., 0.20 μm (29832-U)
oven 130 °C
carrier gas helium, 26.6 cm/sec, constant
sample Polar Column Test Mix, 9 anaytes, each at 500 μg/mL in dichloromethane
injection 1 μL100:1 split
liner 3.5 mm I.D., split/splitless type, wool packed
inj. temp. 280 °C
detector MSD, m/z 50-500
MSD interface 280 °C


Analysis Note This application demonstrates the polarity range of SLB-IL60i using a set of known components to probe primary and secondary interactions that affect retention and peak shape. This chromatogram is a useful starting point in determining the applicability of a particular GC stationary phase for a set of analytes.
Featured Industry General Analytical
Legal Information SLB is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
suitability application for GC


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