UHPLC Analysis of NBOMe Designer Drugs on Ascentis® Express C18

UHPLC Analysis of NBOMe Designer Drugs on Ascentis® Express C18


column Ascentis Express C18, 10 cm x 3.0 mm I.D., 2 µm particles (50819-U)
column temp. 50 °C
mobile phase [A] 20mM ammonium acetate, pH 4 with acetic acid; [B] acetonitrile; (60:40 A:B)
flow rate 0.8 mL/min
pressure 7700 psi (531 bar)
sample 100 µg/mL each component in 80:20 methanol:water
injection 1.0 µL
detector UV, 280 nm


Analysis Note An Ascentis Express C18 column packed with 2.0 micron particles is shown here to be suitable for the separation of eight NBOMe designer drugs in less than ten minutes. The conditions are suitable for further development toward LC/MS for clinical toxicology, forensic analysis, or urine drug testing applications. Ultra high purity LC-MS solvents were used to supply low background interference and low particulate contaminants for robust, trouble-free operation. Cerilliant CRMs provided reliable identification and quantification.
Categories Analytical Chromatography, Forensics and Toxicology, pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals
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Legal Information Ascentis is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
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