Analytical Method: Analytical Quality Assurance, Standard for Silicon (Silicate)

Cat.No. 170236  Silicon standard solution 1000 mg/l Certipur®
Cat.No. 116754  Water for analysis
Preparation of a diluted standard solution of silicon:
Depending on the desired dilution, withdraw the corresponding quantity of silicon standard solution (the concentration is 1000 mg/l), fill into a calibrated or conformity-checked 1000‑ml volumetric flask, and make up to the mark with water. The stock solution with the desired working concentration prepared in this manner must subsequently be transferred to a clean PE vessel and stored in this vessel until required for use.
This stock solution or, respectively, the already diluted working concentrations can be used to prepare the widest conceivable range of further working concentrations with water as required.
The original closed package (Cat.No. 170236 Silicon standard solution 1000 mg/l) is stable at least up to the date specified in the enclosed Certificate of Analysis when stored under the appropriate conditions. Once opened, packages should not be used longer than 12 months when stored under the appropriate conditions.
The solutions for the working concentrations, which under all conditions must be kept in PE vessels, can - depending on the respective dilution - be used for varying periods of time when stored at room temperature. Solutions with a concentration < 1 mg/l must be prepared freshly from day to day. Solutions with a concentration of 1 - 10 mg/l can be used for approx. four weeks, solutions with a concentration of 10 - 100 mg/l for approx. six months.


For use with test kits:


Measuring range
in mg/l


MColortestTM Silicate Test

0.02 - 0.53 SiO2
0.01 - 0.25 Si


MColortestTM Silicate Test

0.6 - 21 SiO2
0.3 - 10 Si


MColortestTM Silicate Test

0.01 - 10.70 SiO2
0.005 - 5.00 Si


Spectroquant® Silicate Test

1.1 - 1070 SiO2
0.5 - 500 Si


Spectroquant® Silicate Test

0.0005 - 0.5000 SiO2
0.0002 - 0.2337 Si
















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