Phytolab Products

The biologically active compounds of plants are collectively referred to as Phytochemicals, Phytonutrients, Functional Ingredients and Nutraceuticals. Over the past decade, market and cultural forces including increased consumer nutritional knowledge, regulatory changes, and the entry of pharmaceutical companies into health and nutrition markets have increased the scope of these compounds to include use as therapeutics, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals1.

Worldwide sales of nutrients and dietary supplements and sourcing of related raw materials have provided impetus for the development of analytical methods that ensure the safety, quality and traceability of phytochemcials across the global supply chain. A 2013 report from the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for example, estimates that as many as 70% of America’s dietary supplement companies violate quality assurance regulations2.

PhytoLab GmbH & Co. specializes in the analytical testing of herbal medicinal products and food, and is one of Europe’s leading phytochemical reference standard providers. Sigma-Aldrich's Cerilliant brand is the exclusive distributor of PhytoLab’s certified reference substances in the USA and Canada. See below for a list of the latest Phytolab products offered through Cerilliant.


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