Absorbents for Spilled Liquids Chemizorb®

Chemizorb® Absorbents – Easy Cleaning of Spilled Liquids

Accidental spills of hazardous liquids can happen in any lab. With Chemizorb®, you can remove harmful, aggressive or other unpleasant liquids quickly, safely, and eco-friendly.

Chemizorb® absorbents consist of porous mineral or synthetic copolymers that are chemically inert and capable of taking up huge amounts of liquid – 100 to 400 percent of their own weight, depending on the material. The Chemizorb® product range includes "allrounders" as well as specific absorbents for different substances.

Our "allround absorbents" Chemizorb® powder and Chemizorb® granules are characterized by a high absorbance capacity for aqueous solutions (acid, alkalis), organic solvents, and viscous oils. While granules possess a lower absorbance capacity than the powder, they are much easier to dose and can be used in places where powder proves unsuitable, e.g. in draughty rooms or outdoors.

Our "specialists" for alkalis (Chemizorb® OH-), acids (Chemizorb® H+), and hydrofluoric acid (Chemizorb® HF) additionally contain water-soluble neutralizers as well as pH indicators to keep track of the neutralization process. Aggressive acids and alkalis can thus be removed more efficiently and safely.

Last but not least: the "all-in-one" mercury set. Chemizorb® Hg includes all reagents and auxiliaries you need for safely and completely remove drops and traces of mercury. The reagents included in the set are sufficient for the safe decontamination of an approximately one square meter area.


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