Quality Grades - EMSURE®, EMPARTA®, EMPLURA®

Inorganics and Solvents for Classical Analysis in Three Quality Grades for Your Individual Needs

More and more customers trust our premium brand EMSURE® even for their most critical analytical tasks. But we know that you don’t need these high-purity products for all your lab applications. Whether complex analyses, routine lab work or production – each application poses unique demands, is governed by different regulations, and has different requirements with respect to purity, specifications, and budget.

That’s why our extensive portfolio of Classical Inorganics and Solvents is divided into three different quality grades: EMSURE®, EMPARTA® and EMPLURA®. This learning center shows you how, with the help of these brands, you can empower your lab and choose the reagents that exactly meet your individual needs.

EMSURE® inorganics and solvents are our premium-grade products – optimized for critical and regulated analyses and highly demanding lab applications. They offer the highest quality, widest scope of specification, and full compliance with international regulations.

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EMPARTA® products are designed for routine tasks in the analytical laboratory. While featuring fewer specified parameters than EMSURE® and a smaller range of packaging sizes and options, these standard-grade products nevertheless cover all important parameters and offer full ACS compliance.

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EMPLURA® is your cost-efficient choice for preparative lab applications, standard production processes, and cleaning purposes. These basic-grade inorganics and solvents offer adequate specifications with the most common parameters and are available in small pack sizes as well as in bulk quantities.

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