SpheriCal® - Monodisperse Dendrimers as Universal Calibrants for MALDI-Mass Spectrometry

Time-Saving, User-Friendly Calibrants Suitable for Proteomics and Polymer Analysis

About SpheriCal
SpheriCal is a series of monodisperse calibration standards that offer mass spectrometry users time-saving sample preparation plus highly accurate calibration. By combining excellent long-term stability with evenly spaced calibration points, SpheriCal helps users increase the frequency and quality of their MALDI-MS calibrations.

About Polymer Factory
Polymer Factory is a company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 2005, Polymer Factory focuses on developing biocompatible and monodisperse dendrimers and dendrons based on 2,2-bis(methylol)propionic acid, where the company has the exclusive right to the production, marketing and sales of such materials. The company provides the world’s largest library of advanced dendritic materials, including hyperbranched polymers as well as multifunctional dendritic PEGs.
Polymer Factory supports research and development projects in a broad array of applications, ranging from nanotechnology, medicine, photonic application, catalysis, click chemistry, and MALDI-TOF-MS calibrants to semiconductor materials.

SpheriCal Mix
Provided in five different molecular weight ranges, each product vial contains 5 mg of four different dendritic  calibration masses, whose proportions are optimized with respect to the matrix and added cation. Each vial of these “Just Add Solvent” calibrants is sufficient for at least 25 calibrations of your MALDI-MS, based on our recommended protocols.

SpheriCal Neat
SpheriCal Neat is provided without any matrix or added cation. The freedom of this product line will enable you to explore your own calibration protocols for optimization purposes. SpheriCal Neat is shipped in vials containing 50 μg standard and is sufficient for at least 25 calibrations.

SpheriCal Aqua Neat
SpheriCal Aqua has proven to be compatible for calibration with conditions commonly used in life sciences, e.g.,  MALDI-MS matrices DHB, HCCA or SA and solvents such as water and acetonitrile.
SpheriCal Aqua Neat is shipped in vials containing 50 µg standard and is also sufficient for at least 25 MALDI-MS calibrations.


Our Product Offering for SpheriCal Mass Calibrants

Catalog No. Product Name Mol. Wt. Range
PFS11 SpheriCal® Mix – Peptide Low Range 500 – 1600 Da
PFS12 SpheriCal® Mix – Peptide Medium Range 1600 – 3500 Da
PFS13 SpheriCal® Mix – Peptide High Range 3500 – 7500 Da
PFS14 SpheriCal® Mix – Protein Low Range 7500 – 15000 Da
PFS15 SpheriCal® Mix – Protein Medium Range 15000 – 30000 Da
PFS20 SpheriCal® Neat – Peptide Low 500 – 1600 Da
PFS21 SpheriCal® Neat – Peptide Medium 1600 – 3500 Da
PFS22 SpheriCal® Neat – Peptide High 1600 – 3500 Da
PFS23 SpheriCal® Neat – Protein Low 7500 – 15000 Da
PFS24 SpheriCal® Neat – Protein Medium 15000 – 30000 Da
PFS30 SpheriCal® Aqua Neat – Peptide Low 500 – 1000 Da
PFS31 SpheriCal® Aqua Neat – Peptide Medium 1000 – 2300 Da
PFS32 SpheriCal® Aqua Neat – Peptide High 2300 – 5200 Da
PFS33 SpheriCal® Aqua Neat – Protein Low 5200 – 10700 Da


Figure 1. Mass Spectra of SpheriCal Mass Calibrants for Specific Mass Ranges

Figure 2. [M + Na]+ of 15,171.2. Mass Spectrum Obtained Using a Bruker Ultraflex MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

SpheriCal is a trademark of Polymer Factory Sweden AB