KiCqStart® Primers Arrays FAQs

Can the KiCqStart Primers Arrays plates be directly used in qPCR?
No, the primer pairs are delivered in standard 96 or 384-well plates and must be transferred to PCR plates.

Where can I find the sequence information?
Sequence information will be provided on the analysis spreadsheet that accompanies each shipment.

Do KiCqStart Primers Arrays come with any other reaction components, e.g. buffer?
No, only mixed forward and reverse primers for each gene, dry, in individual plate wells is included.

Is it possible to order the arrays in a different format?
Yes, Sigma can format the arrays on a custom basis. Please contact your local sales professional for assistance.

How do I cite the product in publications?
The best approach would be to mention the array, species, and refer to us as Sigma® Life Science. Let us know when you publish, and we will send you a gift.