Milli-Q® HR 7000 High-Throughput Central Water Purification Systems

Up to 13,000 L/day of Type 3 pure water

Overview: The new Milli-Q® HR 7000 series of high-throughput systems are designed to deliver a powerful, versatile and modern central pure water solution. From a single laboratory to an entire research facility, the Milli-Q® HR 7000 range has the capacity to purify up to 13,000 L/day from tap water, reliably feeding all your type 3 water needs. This includes taps on benches, instruments, point-of-use polishers, and ultrapure water purification systems.

Features and benefits at a glance

Milli-Q-HR7000 system

Key features of the Milli-Q® HR 7060 / 7120 / 7170 / 7220 systems include:

  • Advanced purification technologies for constant flow rate and reduced water consumption
  • Superior ergonomic design for quick and easy maintenance
  • An interactive touchscreen with helpful wizards for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Modern data management capabilities for greater accessibility and data traceability.

Milli-Q® HR 7000 water – Sustainable purification

With advanced and complementary purification technologies, the Milli-Q® HR 7000 series yields reliably pure water at a constant flow rate and with reduced water consumption.

Tap water is first pretreated according to your facility’s source water quality. Progard® cartridges efficiently remove particles, colloids, free chlorine and hardness. Additional carbon and ultrafiltration systems may be supplemented as per your feed water quality.

Advanced reverse osmosis (RO) then removes 95-99% of ions, and 99% of all dissolved organics (>200 Da), microorganisms and particles.

Milli-Q® HR 7000 systems are equipped with our patented ERA™ (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) technology to save you water, time and money. ERA™ automatically assesses feed water quality to produce a constant flow rate and optimize water recovery (between 45 and 75%). The result is reduced water consumption—by up to 50% compared to other RO systems of similar throughput—and less time needed to maintain the system as there is no need for manual valve adjustments due to temperature fluctuations. ERA™ also prolongs the lifetime of the RO cartridge for reduced consumables waste.

Versatile configuration

Depending on daily volume needs, Milli-Q® HR 7000 systems are available in production flow rates of 60, 120, 170 or 220 L/h. Achieve higher throughput by linking up to 3 units to reach up to 13,000 L/day of Type 3 water from potable tap water.

Milli-Q® HR 7000 systems can be adapted and integrated into almost any lab or building configuration. The systems are capable of driving and controlling all ancillary equipment needed for a complete installation, including distribution pumps and loops, alarms, monitors, UV lamps and sanitation modules.

For a compact and clean solution, the Milli-Q® HR 7000 offers plug ‘n’ play compatibility with our SDS 500 storage, protection and distribution system. This perfect pairing yields high storage and distribution flow possibilities.

Modern control panel

Milli-Q® HR 7000 systems are equipped with a large, colored touchscreen display panel to facilitate maintenance, control and access to data. The user-friendly interactive dashboard lets you easily navigate to all main system data, including:

  • System settings
  • Production
  • Storage levels
  • Distribution
  • Consumables status
  • Preventive alarms and alerts

There’s no need to open a user manual to maintain the system – wizards guide you through basic maintenance.


Full connectivity

Get peace of mind, prevent breakdowns and proactively ensure lab productivity with 24/7 remote access to your facility’s central water system. Authorized users can securely access, monitor and control the Milli-Q® HR 7000 system’s functionality and data from anywhere – a network computer, or authorized tablets or smartphones. An embedded web server generates real-time web pages to monitor system operations, and to trigger alerts or alarms in case of deviation from the adjusted set points.

Facilitated data management, traceability & compliance

The Milli-Q® HR 7000 system makes it easier to manage and keep records of your water data, allowing you to be more audit-ready. The system collects all running parameters, including water quality, alarms and events, water usage, and consumables. Up to 2 years of events are stored in the system, which are accessible via the lab’s network or a USB key. Generate automatic e-records and save time, money and paper. This system also facilitates the lab accreditation and re-accreditation processes (ISO 15189).

Water Specifications / International Conformity

Feed Water Requirements

Parameter Value or Range
Pressure 2 – 6 bar
Flow rate >10 L/min at 2 bar
Feed water type Potable water
Temperature 5 – 35 °C
Conductivity 10 – 2000 µS/cm at 25 °C
pH 4 – 10
Hardness (as CaCO3) <300 ppm
Silica concentration <30 ppm
Carbon dioxide concentration (CO2) <30 ppm
Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) <0.3
Fouling Index (FI5) or Silt Density Index (SDI) ≤7(*)
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) <1 ppm
Free chlorine for Milli-Q® HR 7060 LC, 7120 LC, 7170, 7220 systems <1.5 ppm
Free chlorine for Milli-Q® HR 7060 HC, 7120 HC systems ≥1.5 ppm and <3 ppm
* <12 when the optional UF pretreatment is installed.

Milli-Q® HR 7000 Series Performance

Parameter Value or Range
Conductivity 95% ionic rejection (99% particulates rejection)
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 99% organic rejection for MW >200 Dalton
  Milli‑Q® HR 7060 Milli‑Q® HR 7120 Milli‑Q® HR 7170 Milli‑Q® HR 7220
Make-up flow rate to reservoir* 60 L/h
15.8 gal/h
120 L/h
31.7 gal/h
170 L/h
44.9 gal/h
220 L/h
51.8 gal/h
* Nominal flow rates ±10% between 10 and 35 °C. Additional deratings of -3% per °C from 10°C to 5°C.

Electrical Specifications

System Type Voltage / Frequency Power Consumption (VA)
Milli-Q® HR 7060/7120 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 620
120 VAC, 60 Hz
100 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Milli-Q® HR 7170/7220 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 750
120 VAC, 60 Hz
100 VAC, 50/60 Hz


General Specifications  

Noise level <50 dB at 1 meter
Communication protocol TCP/IP/CGI, embedded web server and HTML 5 embedded website*
Communication ports Ethernet, USB 2.0
Languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
* No additional software needed for remote control.


Dimensions and Weights

  Milli-Q® HR 7060 Milli-Q® HR 7120 Milli-Q® HR 7170 Milli-Q® HR 7220
Dimensions (H x W x D) footprint 1240 x 543 x 542 mm (48.8 x 21.4 x 21.3 in)
Shipping weight 91 kg (207 lb) 94 kg (220 lb) 97 kg (233 lb) 103 kg (252 lb)
Dry weight 72 kg (166 lb) 75 kg (179 lb) 78 kg (192 lb) 84 kg (221 lb)


  • Milli-Q® HR 7000 systems are compliant to European directives related to safety and electromagnetic compatibility. Tests according to the IEC system scheme for mutual recognition have been performed by an independent and accredited Certified Body. CB test certificates issued by the NCB can be verified on the IECEE web site
  • Milli-Q® HR 7000 systems are also built using components and practices recommended by UL. Systems have been tested according to national deviation and are cUL marked. The registration can be verified on the UL web site