Potential Application for Ethyl 2-Mercaptopropionate, FG

Available in Kosher and Halal

This product has been used to enhance flavors requiring a musty, over ripe note such as pineapple, papaya, mango, durian and jackfruit. At higher levels it enhances tomato, coffee and alliaceous nuances.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Sulfurous, meaty, green, grape
Potential Applications Ripe tropical fruit flavors at low levels and vegetable or coffee top notes at higher concentrations
Natural Occurrence Cheese, grape, melon, wine
Aroma Characteristics @0.10% Ethanol. Musty, sulfurous, fruity with ripe tropical notes of concord grape, durian, jackfruit, mango, guanabana or soursop and papaya. Swiss cheese nuance.
Taste Characteristics @< 0.10ppm. Sulfurous, musty grape and a variety of tropical fruit nuances including ripe muskmelon.
Product Number W327905