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By: Joe Porwoll, Material Matters Volume 3 Article 1

Joe Porwoll, President
Aldrich Chemical Co., Inc.

Do you have a compound that you wish Sigma-Aldrich® could list to help materials research? If it is needed to accelerate your research, it matters—please send your suggestion to and we will be happy to give it careful consideration.

1,3,5-Tris(4-carboxyphenyl)benzene: (NEW) Building Block for Metal Organic Frameworks

Dr. Channing Ahn of the California Institute of Technology kindly suggested that we make 1,3,5-tris(4-carboxyphenyl) benzene (BTB) — a building block for Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs). MOFs are a class of 3D-microporous materials with potential applications in adsorption and separation technologies.1–3 BTB can be used as a linker to make MOFs with very high surface area, such as MOF-177: a hydrogen absorbing material with an extremely high storage capacity of 7.5% at 77K.3

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