Microbiology's Basic Ingredient: Protein Sources (Peptones)

Peptones and extracts are excellent natural sources of amino acids, peptides and proteins in growth media. They are most often obtained by enzymatic digestion or acid hydrolysis of natural products, such as animal tissues, milk, plants or microbial cultures. The number of available peptones and extract is enormous (see list), and can promote and sustain the growth of most organisms. However, because the resulting microbial culture takes up components from the growth media, we sought to develop peptones and extracts that were assured to be BSE- and GMO-free, two of today’s major safety-related concerns. Using plants as the natural source not only eliminates the potential risk of BSE, but also offer better growth promotion for some microorganisms.

Product No. Description Source
72985 Brain extract from porcine brain animal
75917 Brain Heart Infusion, Porcine animal
22078 Casein from bovine milk milk
22090 Casein Hydrolysate milk
39396 Casein Yeast Peptone milk/microbial
49760 Gluten Hydrolysate from maize plant
92498 Heart extract from bovine heart animal
57462 Infusion powder from bovine heart animal
61300 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate milk
61302 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate milk
03077 Liver Hydrolysate animal
70164 Meat Extract animal
18332 Peptone (vegetable) plant
51841 Peptone (vegetable) acid hydrolysate plant
19942 Peptone (vegetable), no 1 plant
61854 Peptone (vegetable), no 2 plant
77180 Peptone from animal proteins animal
93491 Peptone from broadbean plant
70173 Peptone from casein and other animal proteins milk/animal
70171 Peptone from casein, acid digest milk
82303 Peptone from casein, enzymatic digest (for biotechnological purposes) milk
70169 Peptone from casein, pancreatic digest milk
70951 Peptone from gelatin, enzymatic digest animal
70176 Peptone from gelatine, pancreatic digest animal
93733 Peptone from meat and soybean meal animal/plant
91249 Peptone from meat, bacteriological animal
70175 Peptone from meat, enzymatic digest animal
82962 Peptone from meat, enzymatic digest (for biotechnological purposes) animal
70174 Peptone from meat, peptic digest animal
96174 Peptone from pea plant
93926 Peptone from porcine heart animal
83059 Peptone from potatoes plant
38143 Peptone from potatoes No. 2 plant
70178 Peptone from soybean meal, enzymatic digest plant
S1674 Peptone from soybean, acid digest (Amisoy®) plant
90765 Peptone from soybean, enzymatic digest plant
87972 Peptone from soybean, enzymatic digest (for biotechnological purposes) plant
93492 Peptone from wheat plant
68971 Peptone special (Neopeptone) animal
92976 Peptone special, vegetable (Neopeptone) plant
77199 Peptone, mycological (Mycological Peptone) animal/milk
52424 Potato Infusion Powder plant
82514 Protein Hydrolysate Amicase milk
82514 Protein Hydrolysate Amicase (Amicase) milk
82524 Protein Hydrolysate N-Z-Amine® AS milk
29185 Proteose Peptone (vegetable) plant
82450 Proteose-Peptone animal
70166 Skim Milk Powder milk
70172 Tryptone (Peptone from casein, tryptic digest) milk
95039 Tryptone (Peptone from casein, tryptic digest, for biotechnological purposes) milk
16922 Tryptone (vegetable) plant
61044 Tryptone Plus milk
70937 Tryptose (Peptone from protein mixture, tryptic digest) animal/milk
93733 Tryptose (Peptone from protein mixture, tryptic digest) milk
12331 Tryptose (vegetable) plant
05138 Vegetable Extract plant
04316 Vegetable Extract no 1 plant
49869 Vegetable Extract no 2 plant
07436 Vegetable hydrolysate no 2 plant
67381 Vegetable Infusion powder plant
95757 Vegetable Special Infusion powder plant
73145 Yeast Autolysate microbial
92144 Yeast Extract microbial
70161 Yeast Extract microbial
89526 Yeast Extract, micro-agglomerated microbial
09182 Yeast Extract, turbid microbial