BisPhePhos XD gold(I) chloride: Efficient and Broadly Applicable Cationic Gold Catalyst


Gold catalysis is a landmark addition to the field of organic synthesis,1–3 but the relatively large catalyst loading needed in many gold-catalyzed applications is impractical in large-scale synthesis. In order to make gold catalysis a better tool for synthetic chemists, the laboratories of GB Hammond and Bo Xu developed a broadly applicable gold precatalyst that can achieve high turnover (at ppm level gold loadings) under mild conditions (e.g. room temperature or slightly elevated temperature). Impressively, reactions were conducted in open-air containers using commercial solvents that needed no prior purification. Aldrich Chemistry is proud to offer this novel gold precatalyst, BisPhePhos XD gold(I) chloride (L511846),4 in collaboration with the Hammond (University of Louisville) and the Xu groups (Donghua University).


  • Broadly applicable in a wide range of cationic gold-catalyzed reactions
  • Low catalyst loading (often at ppm level)
  • Mild reaction conditions (often room temperature)
  • Bench-top stable

Representative Schemes4

Special thanks to Professor GB Hammond and Professor Bo Xu for contributing this technology spotlight.


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