Buchwald GT Capsules for Cross-Coupling


The advent of the Buchwald portfolio of ligands and complexes for cross-coupling reactions in the past decade has greatly advanced the ease of performing this transformation. The catalysts are highly active with a broad range substrates and can be easily activated under mildly basic conditions.

Aldrich is pleased to announce the release of new GT capsules that provide more facile and convenient dosing of Buchwald G2 and G3 bench-stable precatalysts for cross-coupling. Specifically designed with the busy chemist in mind, GT capsules deliver a practical amount of catalyst for discovery scale. Each GT capsule contains 0.025mmol of catalyst, perfect for a single use on 0.25 mmol scale reaction. GT capsules are made from cellulose, disintegrate when used in your coupling reaction, and are easily filtered out of the reaction mixture upon completion.

We have most of the popular Buchwald complexes available including XPhos, BrettPhos, RuPhos, as well as complexes of non-Buchwald ligands like rac-BINAP, P(t-Bu)3, and XantPhos. So whichever complex is the best option for your cross-coupling reaction, we can provide it for you. Have a suggestion for a capsule?  Please bother us at catalysis@sial.com.



  • Easy to handle
  • Convenient dosing
  • Inert capsule shell
  • Capsules disintegrate during reaction
  • Easily filtered from reaction


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