Rovis N-Heterocyclic Carbene (RoNHC) Catalysts

Sigma Aldrich is proud to offer the Rovis chiral N-heterocyclic carbene catalysts (RoNHCs) in partnership with Plura Biosciences.


The benefits of RoNHC technology:

  • Rapid synthesis of stereogenic fluorine centers with high ee
  • Metal-free, organocatalytic reactions
  • Simple room temperature procedures

α-Fluoroenals 1 (from 374717), when treated with the hydration (RoNHC-H) or amidation (RoNHC-A) catalyst afford enantioenriched α-fluorocarboxylic acids or enantioenriched α-fluoroamides in excellent yield and selectivity.

Available Building Blocks


Or, purchase your fluorine stereocenters pre-installed with our commercially available α-fluorocarboxylic acids.



To learn more about Professor Rovis’ research, please visit his Professor Product Page.

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