Food Safe Elite

By: Dr. Luke Grocholl, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Sigma-Aldrich Flavors & Fragrances

White Paper

Sigma-Aldrich introduces Food Safe Elite ingredients, providing a new level of supply chain transparency for your convenient risk assessment; organoleptic confirmation, Food Grade compliance, and complete regulatory documentation, including manufacturing process diagrams.

Is this material food grade? Is this ingredient safe for food? In the complex world of flavor ingredients these simple questions do not always have straight-forward answers. Supply chains span the globe and are impacted by varied regulations across, or sometimes even within, borders.

The challenge of evaluating ingredients can add significant time and cost. No tests or quality systems can eliminate all food safety hazards, but confidence in a trusted supply chain partner is one of the keys to mitigating risk. In particular, a partner who holds itself to the highest standards and backs up its offer with transparency and support provides the confidence needed in this complex landscape.

Many flavor ingredients are manufactured using well-known methods. However, it is important to understand the process to fully evaluate risks associated with an ingredient. Some solvents or reagents used for manufacturing may raise concerns. With knowledge of the raw materials and manufacturing process, hazards can be more fully evaluated so tests or procedures can be established to mitigate risks.

Full manufacturing process flows are especially important for special food grades such as natural, kosher, or halal. Raw materials, catalysts, and solvents could all impact the grade validation, but may be verifiable through analytical methods. Transparency of the manufacturing method provides the confidence to offer value-added product grades.

We are here to help by offering our Food Safe Elite grade for some of your most important ingredients. We assembled a multidisciplinary team to evaluate key ingredients. We leverage global, dedicated regulatory and quality teams and over a quarter-century experience in the flavor ingredients business to thoroughly vet the most important ingredients for the highest level of confidence.

Not only have we evaluated Food Safe Elite grade products in our state-of-the-art analytical labs, but we have also tapped into our customer’s experience with these ingredients to make sure they perform as expected. Factors reviewed by our team include an evaluation of all batches in the supply chain to confirm key materials meet the highest quality standard. Our global team also performs on-site audits of key ingredient providers to confirm they meet our stringent quality requirements.

We are also happy to provide the manufacturing process flow charts for each Food Safe Elite product. With this process flow, our customers have full transparency of the manufacturing process in order to assure them our ingredients meet their expectations. In addition, regulatory documentation is provided to help our customers determine which materials meet their needs.

The ingredient supply chain grows more challenging every year. We are dedicated to managing this complexity. Our Food Safe Elite products are thoroughly vetted with complete documentation to provide you with the confidence needed to meet your own demanding quality requirements.

If you would like to see all of the quality attributes our products cover click here to visit our Quality & Regulatory page and for a list of all of the Food Safe Elite products visit our website.